We developed our solution during eight years to provide a more reliable and precise preoperative planning tool for endovascular repair of aortic aneurysms. Based on our medical knowledge and numerical simulation skills, we chose the technology and designed our tool to exhibit the necessary features to meet this goal. Nowadays, PrediSurge solution can accurately predict stent-graft deployment inside a patient aorta, taking into account the specific geometries and compliances of devices and arteries. From a preoperative CT-scan, clinicians or clinical experts can visualize a 3D patient-specific simulation to validate device sizing and ancitipate complications.

Our tool has already been tested on several cases of stent-grafts and fenestrated stent-grafts, and validated against postoperative CT-scans. Further prospective validation will soon be performed.

Our service

Our service is not yet available. Please contact us if you want to be part of the first testers and help us developing our solution to match your needs.


  • Patient-specific simulation of endovascular repair surgery with tortuous aneurysms requiring flexible stent-grafts

  • Patient-specific numerical simulation of stent-graft deployment: Validation on three clinical cases

  • Deployment of stent grafts in curved aneurysmal arteries: toward a predictive numerical tool