PrediSurge is a spin-off company of Mines Saint-Etienne, founded in April 2017 in Saint-Etienne, France. PrediSurge proposes a preoperative planning service designed to validate and customize the choice of the stent-graft depending on the patient. This service is based on PrediSurge innovative technology of predictive and patient-specific numerical simulation.



Alban is the fourth co-founder of Predisurge. He is financial manager in a bank and is used to elaborating funding plans and financing companies, from startups to international companies. He now brings his experience and skills to help Predisurge developing and accessing its market.


Stéphane is co-founder of Predisurge. He was at the origin of the academic collaboration which lead to PrediSurge solution. He is professor at Mines Saint-Etienne and director of Center for Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering. His expertise on aneurysm modelling and simulation is known worldwide and he now drives Predisurge technical developments.


Jean-Noël is co-founder of Predisurge. He is vascular surgeon at Saint-Etienne University Hospital. He has focused his research activities on aortic stent-grafting for many years and provides advice and clinical expertise to Predisurge.


David is the manager of Predisurge. He is engineer and defended his PhD thesis in 2015 on patient-specific simulation of aortic endovascular repair and is the author of several publications on this subject. Afterwards, he acquired managerial skills to launch Predisurge spin-off and promote developed technology.

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